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InterCar S.p.A, which has always been synonymous with the utmost reliability, offers the After Market high performance brake discs with its three product trademarks: CAR, Inter Brakes and RD.
Its production, which is constantly increasing and includes more than 1,800 references, covers almost all European and much of the extra-European vehicles in circulation.
InterCar brake discs are strictly "Made in Italy" and are produced using high efficiency sustainable processes

Brake Discs
The Intercar branded brake discs are characterised by their sturdiness, indeformability and resistance to abrasion, thus ensuring excellent durability and even attrition over time. They are produced using only the finest raw materials and undergo thorough controls, in full conformity with the standards set for the safety parts of the main car manufacturers.
High Performance Discs
The High Performance range guarantees better performances for sports driving enthusiasts, through a significant abatement of "fading", which ensures responsive braking and performances which remain constant over time, in terms of the duration and reliability of the discs.
Composite Floating Discs
Represent an innovative solution, for use on luxury sports cars, guaranteeing a homogenous performance without permanent deformations. This technology is also advantageous in terms of weight reduction with positive repercussions on handling, fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.
The company has obtained the homologation of its products from the TÜV and has received certifications relating to the application of ISO 9001:2008 regulations, as proof of the standards of its quality management management system.

One of the world's leaders in the brake disc sector

Today InterCar is one of the major players at a global level in the production of brake discs for motorcars, for both the first equipment and the After Market. It offers a complete service from Design Engineering through to the marking of finished products and the personalisation and management of packaging.

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InterCar makes constant investments in Research & Development to support its Customers from the feasibility study phase, to the research and design of new solutions, through to production. The internal management of all production processes results in a greater flexibility in terms of Design Engineering and ensures prototyping of new products in a short timeframe and the testing of these in the Company’s internal laboratory.

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