Thanks to its precision, in January 2015 InterCar renewed the certifications relating to the application of the ISO regulations: as proof of the optimal standards of its optimal quality management system, in 1997 the Company obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification. Moreover, the Company’s constant commitment to improving its technological standards is recognised by the ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification, which was obtained in 2009 with the prestigious DNV-SINCERT institution.

InterCar also obtained the homologation from the TÜV of PFALZ, which issued the ABE certifications with the KBA 60868 and KBA 60869 trademarks through KRAFTFAHRT-BUNDESAMT.

As further proof of its professionalism, in 2014 InterCar began the procedures for the ECE R90 homologation of its brake discs. As of January 2016 this will become obligatory for all products sold in the Aftermarket. This standard, which was established at a UN level and will thus also be applicable outside of the European Union, requires an assessment of the efficiency of individual brake disc and a verification of the similarity of its performance with original vehicle components.